Learn Empower Grow

Last year I did the unthinkable [well, until that time in my life it was very tough and unthinkable] – I left my homeland India to come to UK. The global financial crisis had already struck, jobs were being slashed and the fight for survival, and holding on to your jobs, was getting tougher like never before – at least in the past decade or two. Soon, the conventional wisdom and leadership skills, standard ways of doing things started to fall apart to make way for new concepts, new ways of doing things and more importantly, leadership was never as difficult, challenging as it was appearing to be now. 

I continued working as a consultant with a company I was associated with back home, in India. The work was good, I loved it but something strange happened. They say title at times has its influence…and mine had on me – I was a ‘Business Consultant’ to my company, and it started to show its effect. I started to see things very objectively, tried to see through and deep into things other than what was obvious, explore possibilities of doing things differently and always consider the big picture. Not that I did not do these things in my past engagements with my employers but being a consultant forced me to think a bit more than I did, it forced me to get to the gemba. I was learning.

I always had a habit of reading articles/case studies/notes/reviews etc. to improve my personal self and add to my perspective and used to share my notes and tips with my team, colleagues; and at times seniors; until one of them asked me if I would consider writing or rather blogging about my thoughts, ideas and comments about things. I was not too confident about it so I tried a test by writing my thoughts related to team management and emailing them to my team. Soon I realized that there were comments flowing in – some were arguments, some were notes of appreciation on my thoughts while some asked for more thoughts and ideas on this topic. I realised that there were many many more like me who wanted to learn, try and see things differently, question things the way we did them and build perspectives, and empower themselves to do better at their day-to-day functions.

One of my bosses [I consider my mentor – not sure if he considers me his pupil :)] used to send us a series of insightful notes using WordPress…which made me think about and consider using WordPress as a medium to share my thoughts, ideas, and comments.

After months of deliberation [note that I created my WordPress profile in Nov09] here I am beginning my journey of sharing my thoughts but more importantly Learning, Empowering and Growing myself, and others equally – I call my blog ‘L E G – Learn Empower Grow’.

I am sure the blog will evolve, like all things do and take me [and you, if you care to join me] down unexpected paths – perhaps towards new horizons or may be even a dead end or, I suspect something unpredictable in between. What will remain constant though is my effort to write and share honest, practical opinions and respond honestly to your views and thoughts with L E G being at its heart.

But that kind of constancy, I have experienced, is rarely of the straight-line variety. It must wander down unanticipated avenues and even some alleyways…in order to maintain its authenticity. The most effective truth-telling is not neatly linear…as someone said:

Tell all the Truth but tell it slant – Success in Circuit lies

So, where are you on your circuitous journey? Digress with me, please.


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