The Purpose

The GAP and thus the Objective…

Business environment has never been so challenging.  Clearly, what worked until yesterday may not guarantee success today, what was tagged as ‘best’ may very well prove to be mediocre today.  At the risk of sounding clichéd, I would like to say – the times are changing; how quick and prepared are you to adapt?  We will not perish if we fail, but we definitely will if we fail to learn, evolve and adapt to the changes around us.  Luckily the environment, while it is very tough and challenging, is open to new ideas, new ways of doing things and it allows for new interpretations of theories and techniques. 

The need is thus to learn faster than we ever have, evolve and empower ourselves with new perspectives, thoughts and ideas; and help ourselves and those around us succeed – or grow as I would like to term it.

These is a huge community out there who blog, write about their interpretations of current way of business and its positives-negatives , new ideas, concepts or theories and these are written by the big wigs of ‘thinking’ business [as I call it].  It often is at a wavelength higher than that of significant proportion of people, who really are the ‘doers’ or ‘executers’ of those concepts and theories.  I always felt there was a huge gap between them, who are sharing their opinions and those who need to put these into action.  It often is observed that this gap results in minimum or no action and even if there is action, alignment seems to be missing.  I would like to quote an example here.  In my previous employment, with one of India’s pioneering [and largest] market research service provider, we were fortunate to have a thinking leader.  He was so good that everyone used to be enamoured by him and his way of thinking – I was one of them.  But I realized an interesting thing.  He used to suggest some methods and rationale behind these methods, there were many who went back and tried to execute it.  But the results were, in most cases, below par.  Why? I asked myself.  Everything seemed to be right, the thought was right, method explained was right so why were the results not to be seen.  It was the ‘gap’ in the wavelength of the thinker and the doer.  There was no alignment.  It was more like a one way traffic, it would come from him and others would go by it without necessarily getting married to the concept or thinking through it or questioning it.  Now, I believe this is the case with many of our great thinking community members.  The thoughts are excellent and so is the rationale behind these, but do you see things changing? or people behaving and thinking differently?  Largely not.

This is my attempt to try and bridge this gap and hopefully bring about an alignment…make people think on their own…not have a one way traffic.  This is the way, I feel, we will learn and evolve – when we are made to think and question.  This in my view will empower people with the perspective we need to grow and succeed.  Remember, globally we only have around or less than 5% people in the top two shelves of the corporate pyramid – top / senior management, over 60% people reside in the bottom two shelves of the corporate pyramid – those who are called the ‘frontline warriors’ or the doers.  We can not sit at the top and share our ideas and expect the frontline warriors do it for us.  We need to make them think and that is the only way we will continue to grow and succeed – by making them learn, empowering them and grow bottom up.  This is my objective and one way to do it is by sharing my thoughts, ideas and opinions in a language which is understood and assist the bottom two shelvers learn [and think], empowered and cause the growth. 

We all aspire to lead or make a company into an institution – lead progress and innovation [the current buzz word in business]…which is often a change needed in the company culture.  Well, what do you think, can the culture be successfully changed if there is a lack of alignment? if over 2/3 of your people experience the gap [as I explained above] and do things which they do not necessarily marry to or understand why they are doing what they are doing?

 About my dream…

 I am Nimit Trivedi.  I have a dream to build an enterprise which is truly progressive and innovative – one where bottom two shelvers of the team do the thinking along with the top shelvers.  An enterprise where a mistake is celebrated as it taught us something and success investigated, where every single person is aligned to the goal of progress and innovation.

 Care to join the cause?

 I do not think I know it all, nor am I the smartest guy in the room.  I know there are many of you who have a lot to offer.  So why not contribute in this is initiative.  Just write to me at with the following:

 – Brief Background – Who you are? What you do?

– Work Experience – Industry/Sector?

– Do you believe in this initiative of coming together to learn, empower and grow? Why?

– Preferences – What kind of topics would you like to contribute towards? Why?

 I will create a profile for you to be able to post your thoughts and ideas on this site and help bring about this alignment.


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