The Second Coming…

It has been a significantly long time since I last published an article.  Like the last time, it wasn’t a dearth of content which prevented me; instead it was a sense of responsibility towards some feedback I had received and some introspection which made me rethink my approach.  In other words, I knew it needed something similar to a second innings or let’s call it a ‘second coming’.

I dedicated this time to review, rethink and rewrite a lot of my articles with a focus on improving upon the following:

[1]   Being empathetic.  When I wrote in the past, I always used to think about how I normally would read and review an article, the amount of details I looked out for, ease of understanding and interpretation I desired.  I felt that a lot of the articles which I read were at times very thematic, as in they would only touch upon the subject with hardly any illustrative case to aid understanding.  Obviously they lacked a level of details I thought would help a lot of readers like you and me.  This built in me a sense of being very explicit and elaborate.  A tendency which thus resulted in me trying to make my thoughts as easily explained as possible.  But when I read my own articles, at one point I felt that they were longer than the attention span of most of us and was left wondering if it would thus have a lot of readers finish reading the entire article in one go.  It was an interesting awakening of sorts for me.  This made me think if I was writing for myself or those like me who liked things in details.  I quickly realized there are many readers who could benefit from the articles and thoughts I want to share but can only spare 5 minutes to read the article or those who prefer to read it all in one go.  I needed to be empathetic towards their needs, that of time and delivery of the message in the most telling way.

[2] Keeping it short but interesting, saying the story well.  Because I like to have things detailed and sharp, I ended up writing articles which would often span over 3 pages, with two or more illustrative cases to deliver the point across.  I learned that while engaging, but the readers get overwhelmed by the sheer size of these articles.  This would have failed me on my objective of sharing my thoughts and experiences towards continuous knowledge exchange… which the readers of these articles could relate to and learn from.  I once saw a documentary made on life crisis in some parts of Africa [detailed, sharp and perfect… just the way I like it] and I was inspired.  I then saw a short clip with a touching message on the same topic [it was concise, covered my attention span there by gaining fullest of my focus – concentration] and it left me equally inspired as the movie.  And then I saw a 56 second advert on the same theme and the result was same… I was touched and inspired.  This made me wonder if size of an article equalled quality of message delivery.  Some may argue yes, but I felt that it has to do with the objective you are trying to achieve.  If you want to touch someone and inspire a thought then you need to focus on making sure that you are saying the story well; the size of your content then is not relevant but impact you’d create is the same.  This was a vital learning for me from the purpose of my blog and for my personal self.  I rewrote almost all of my pending articles with focus on telling the story well and keeping it crisp and concise.

[3] Validating and re-validating if the article succeeds in its objective of being thought provoking.  If the article does not make you ponder or is not thought provoking then the whole purpose is failed.  I have focused on making sure I guide the reader to a point of correlation and then leave him or her there, for them to finish the rest of the journey from being provoked to finding the answer for their own selves.

[4] Never deviating from the very purpose of the article… isn’t it what it is written for after all.  The best journeys are those of findings the answers and I have ensured that this journey if facilitated by posing the right and sometimes unconventional questions.   Isn’t it the whole purpose of L-E-G, that we first create a sort of a ‘knowledge exchange’ and use it to share mistakes, successes, the experiences in between these extremes, knowledge gained through this course.  It is this exchange which will fulfil the ‘Learn’ phase providing for ‘Empower’-ment and in resulting ‘Growth’.

Think about it for a second, had Steve Jobs not had his ‘second coming’ in Apple, then Apple may not have transformed from a very good technology company to a great of its time.  It is never too late for pausing and restarting on the path you believe.  A second coming always has a very specific focus on things which matter the most.

So ‘fire’ yourself from what you are in your company or the designation/position you hold in family or society; and think for a moment.  What would you like to have a second coming for?  What is it that needs you to stop, introspect and improve upon to make you more effective?

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