What’s your ‘Personal Brand’?

In the current day and age where competition is cut-throat, there exists enough or more than sufficient resource and talent availability, with many out there wanting to get the same thing what you possibly are aiming for… you could very easily go unnoticed and end up being one amongst the crowd.

I, therefore, believe here is a question that everyone should periodically address about themselves…

What’s your ‘Personal Brand’?

We are the Chief Brand Building & Branding Officers of ourselves and our own personal brands. We have the power to determine, establish and control our own reputation, either through our actions at the workplace or, in this era of social media and networking, through what we decide to tweet or blog or write as our status updates. We can build and develop upon our own sense of distinctiveness, trust and confidence. In every environment, may it be at work or on our website or any social media platform, we continuously keep making choices and actions that affect our personal brand; like who to work with and who to avoid, who to follow, who to be friends with, or what message to share as our tweet, blog or status update.

How you manage your personal brand will significantly determine how others will view you and would in a way play a crucial role in shaping your career and your life.

To really identify and crystallize your personal brand, you should ask yourself:

[1] What is your objective?

[2] What do you want to be known for?

[3] What differentiates you from others who may have a similar background or set of experiences?

[4] What skills, capabilities, knowledge and attitudes do you have or are developing that will make people want to consider you, work with, follow or be friends with you – either online or offline?

[5] What value do you and can you create for others as a friend, colleague, peer, senior or subordinate?

[6] And last but not the least, what is it, your inner calling that will make you feel truly satisfied and fulfilled about the contribution you would be making?

This set of 6 questions [though they may look simple and straightforward] is very tough to find an answer to – a true answer reflecting your real self, and admittedly, I have trouble answering them for myself. Here is my attempt at identifying my own brand:

[a] my ‘brand’ of leadership insight is objective, practical, simple – applicable, and straightforward – no complex theories, designs or frameworks

[b] my brand of leadership is a considered combination of hands-on and hands-off, it is thoughtful and inspirational [picked it from what was often mentioned by those who I work or have worked with]

[c] the style of my brand is direct, always challenging the status quo, progressive and hopefully thought-provoking

…and I am still reflecting…

Well, that was a quick [and in progress] overview of my ‘personal brand’. What’s yours? Think about it…it will be worth it.

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